Berryville tree limb and leaf pick-up scheduled

Friday, October 18, 2013

BERRYVILLE -- At Tuesday's City Council meeting, the final schedule for the 2013 tree limb and leaf pick-up was approved.

"If all goes well, we'll have it finished before Christmas," Jay Lee, Berryville administrative assistant, said.

The limb pick-up will take place citywide Nov. 18 through 22, with the following guidelines:

* To ensure that your limbs are picked up during the week, they should be ready on Monday, Nov. 18.

* Limbs should be placed at the curb (or edge of the street) in manageable bundles, all facing the same direction if possible.

* Limbs should be no bigger than 6 inches in diameter.

* This program is for miscellaneous limbs that fall due to storms and time, not for complete tree trimming or tree removal.

* The service is provided for residential city addresses only, not commercial properties.

The leaf pick-up will take place along four different routes, each given a week from Nov. 18 through Dec. 20. The mayor's office is advising that to ensure leaves are picked up, they should be at the curb or the edge of the street on the Monday of the scheduled week.

The routes are as follows:

* Route 1 -- Monday, Nov. 18 through Friday, Nov. 22: Springfield (from Freeman intersection north), E. Freeman, Standley, Jennifer, Janet, Julie, Bobby, Brenda, Northside, Valley, Jackson, Mountain, Monte Vista, Meadowmere, Bryan, Dawn, Lynn, Wren, Pine, Locust, Sycamore and Hickory.

* Route 2 -- Monday, Dec. 2 through Friday, Dec. 6: Wilson Drive, West Ridge subdivision, Trinnen, Champion Hills, Chrisna, Nunez, Oakview, Maple, North Avenue, Railroad Circle, Spaulding, W. Freeman, Elm, Walnut, Cherry, Alma, Craig, Carson, Linda, Bobo, Jefferson, Park, Freeman Switch, Boyer, Charles, Garner, Highway 62 Spur, Champlin, Industrial Drive, Ruth, Highway 62 West (W. Trimble) and Birch Tree subdivision.

* Route 3 -- Monday, Dec. 9 through Friday, Dec. 13: W. College, Potter, School, Ferguson, Campbell, Bunch, Miller, Curtis Lane, George, N. Main, S. Springfield (from Freeman intersection south), Perkins, Hogue, Hubbert, Monroe, Carl, Adams, Bunch Springs (within city limits only), W. Trimble, Eureka, Academy, West View, Baker, Spring, Doxey, Fancher, Pinkley Lane, W. Madison, W. Church, Tabor, Gibson, McKennon, Rose, Phillips, Martin, Morris, Cedarvale, Swofford, Atchley, Clark, Huntsville, W. Carl, Paradise Heights, Sunset Boulevard and Hank Boulevard.

* Route 4 -- Monday, Dec. 16 through Friday, Dec. 20: Shaver, Pritchard, Ada, Caddie, Douglas, Hanna, Jericho, Duke, Smalley, E. College, Chafin, Spruce, Laura, Carter Avenue, Amanda, Kristy, Clive, Jessica, Marie, Rhea, Kimberly, E. Madison, E. Church, Branch, Cain, Elsie, McCloud, Basore, Simpson, E. Carl, Hammons, Nelson Drive, Orchard, Rice, Edwards, Hammons, Carter Street, Hailey, Lone Pine, S. Main, Circle Drive, Pleasant, High, Magnolia, Rebecca, Casey Lane, Oak Ridge and Paradise Cove.

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