Berryville approves CBWD resolution for new parallel pipe

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 ~ Updated 3:29 PM

BERRYVILLE -- Carroll-Boone Water District now has the three necessary resolutions approved to move forward with its parallel pipe project.

On Tuesday night, the Berryville City Council approved Resolution 952, certifying endorsement of CBWD's plans for a 37,000-foot long, 36-inch wide, parallel pipe from the treatment plant past Eureka Springs and a shorter segment under the Kings River.

Both Green Forest and Harrison previously approved their own resolutions endorsing Phase I of the project; Eureka Springs was scheduled to approve its resolution on Monday night, but the City Council postponed its vote.

However, CBWD only needed three of the four cities to approve the resolution to move forward with the project.

Representing CBWD, engineer Brad Hammond of the firm McGoodwin, Williams and Yates, Inc. gave a presentation on the need for the pipe and the district's master plan as a whole to the Berryville City Council at its previous meeting.

The estimated cost for Phase I is between $14 and $17 million. Exact costs will be determined as the project moves forward.

In other business, the City Council:

* Authorized Berryville Mayor Tim McKinney to pursue a contract renewal with Carroll County Solid Waste Authority, with no changes from the previous one.

* Approved the 2013 tree limb and leaf pick-up schedule. See page 2 of today's paper for more details on this.

* Received the monthly treasurer's report for September. The city had $108,787 from sales tax receipts, down approximately $3,500 from September 2012.

* Received the monthly police report for September. According to the report, 19 accidents were reported, more than doubling the eight that happened in September 2012. The number of offenses reported hit 84, up from last September's 61. However, Berryville police officers wrote 45 tickets, which is down from the 76 they wrote in September 2012.

Just after the meeting, McKinney said he'd been in touch with the Arkansas Highway Department about redoing the intersection of W. Freeman Avenue and W. Trimble Avenue (U.S. Highway 62). The current construction has a median cutting into one of the lanes on the west side of the intersection, on W. Freeman Avenue next to Brashears Furniture.

The Berryville City Council will have its next meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

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