Berryville car accident sends three minors, one pregnant, to Mercy Hospital

Friday, October 4, 2013

BERRYVILLE -- A car carrying four minors, one of which pregnant, slid out of control and collided with a tree on Academy Street last Saturday, Sept. 28.

Officer Greg Noftsger was dispatched to the scene of the accident around 11:43 p.m. Officer Dan Wilson arrived on the scene first. The two female passengers were injured upon the police's arrival, according to the report.

The pregnant girl, 16, said that her stomach hurt, and the other, 14, had lacerations on her face. Both were transported to Mercy Hospital in Berryville. Neither of the males reported any injuries initially.

The driver, 17, told police that he did not see the curve until it was too late, and when he applied the brakes, the car slid out of control because of the wet road and the crashed into a tree. Noftsger interviewed the other male passenger, 15, and he confirmed the driver's story.

He continued to say the vehicle started smoking and then caught fire, so they moved themselves away from the scene of the crash while waiting for police. The driver admitted to not having a license, and the male passenger said the car was his grandmother's, according to the report.

Noftsger then took the driver to the police station, contacted his father and cited the driver for driving with no license, speeding and reckless driving. When the father showed up, the driver started to complain about pain in his back and was released to his father to be taken to the hospital.

Last night, Noftsger said the three injured teens and unborn baby are all okay.

"From what I heard from the EMTs, the baby's heartbeat was fine and everybody will be okay, from what I am understanding," Noftsger said.

No status updates on the three injured minors could be released from the hospital due to their ages.

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