Green Forest approves repair bids

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

GREEN FOREST -- The City Council discussed and approved bids for city projects, dates for the fall clean-up and set a date for the December budget session during their last meeting.

The Wastewater Department accepted a bid to replace a recently malfunctioning gear box that the plant had used since 1986. The accepted bid was for approximately $42,000 from Evan's Electric and came with a one-year warranty. The company out bid Independent Electric for the job and was able to find the malfunction in the previous part, Mayor Charles Reece said.

During an update for the Water Department, the council learned that the Glenwood Lift Station's pump problems were handled as well.

"It was just a pump we were trying to replace," said Public Works Director Buddy Fry. "It was more of an FYI for the council that we had replaced one of the pumps for $6,737."

The problem had been discussed in previous meetings and public works looked at multiple bids for the project, Fry said.

The public works department had a pre-construction walk-through for improvements to the city's drainage ditch on Sept. 6. Increasing the water capacity of the city's drainage ditch on Sixth Street has been discussed several times by the council and met several hang ups from other organizations.

The city officials have recently met with inspectors, contractors and Northwest Arkansas Development to discuss initial construction plans and to make the site ready. They still have to move some utilities and cap and couple of water lines before they can get started, Fry said.

At a previous meeting, the council accepted a bid to cement and widen the ditch for the cost of approximately $550,000 from Marion County Paving and Excavation from Yellville.

The project has taken more than five years to get to where it is because of the Army Corps of Engineers delaying the project for two years and a thorough evaluation by FEMA, said Reece. FEMA is supplying a $735,000 grant to pay for the project.

The council scheduled the December budget session for Dec. 17 at 5 p.m., and the "Fall Cleanup" for Oct. 5.

"Twice a year in coordination with Carroll County Solid Waste, we give people an opportunity to get rid of their old junk," Reece said. "They can have three stacks; one wood, one metal and one plastic. We also get a electronics dumpster near city hall and hopefully this will get rid of some of the junk around town. "

In other news, the city is getting a new fire truck. The council approved a bid for a fully equipped fire truck for more than $362,000. The bid was from Fire Master from Springdale and their proximal location will provide easier access to repairs, Reece said.

The council is also researching bids to light the multipurpose fields, but nothing has been made official yet, Fry said.

During the mayor's update at the meeting, Reece clarified the purpose of Ordinance 629. The new ordinance reduces the city millage from 3.8 mills to zero, making city property tax a thing of the past.

The complete reduction of city property tax was a part of an agreement with the people of the city. The deal was, if the city voted to increase their sales tax, then the city officials would work to nix the city property tax.

"The increased sales tax takes effect on Oct. 1, and people will still have to pay property taxes on Oct. 15," said Mayor Charles Reece. "But after the first of the year, there will be no city tax on property. I really feel that sales tax is the most equitable way to collect revenue because it spreads the tax burden to everyone, not just property owners."

All state, federal and county property taxes still apply to Green Forest residents.

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