Student athlete hospitalized after collapsing at football game

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 ~ Updated 2:36 PM
photo by Melody Strodtman/Carroll County News

GREEN FOREST -- A Green Forest Junior High football player whose name was not released collapsed at the end of a football game versus West Fork on Thursday and was taken to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, school officials said.

He was released the next day, and school officials have since said the episode appeared to be unrelated to the action of the game. His football coach said he is back in class this week and doing well early Tuesday.

While a few people described the collapse as coming after the student had taken a "big hit" on the field, school officials said it occurred at the end of the game later on.

The student, whose identity was not released to protect his privacy, was first treated on the scene by Emergency Medical Technicians in an ambulance. Then a medical helicopter was called to the scene, witnesses told Carroll County News.

photo by Melody Strodtman/Carroll County News

After some time of the student being treated at the field, the helicopter left without the student.

He then was taken by ambulance to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, where he was recuperating and "doing better" on Friday morning, said Green Forest Superintendent Matt Summers.

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