The unofficial results are in

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 ~ Updated 9:07 AM

BERRYVILLE -- The unofficial results of the Carroll County school board elections have been released.

There will be a runoff election for the Berryville School Board's at-large position between Joe Ward and David Waller on Oct. 8. Ward received approximately 25 percent of the vote and Waller an approximate 47 percent, but since neither received more than 50 percent, there will be a runoff to declare a winner.

Chris McClung received 75 percent of the votes running against write-in candidate Jack Muzio for Eureka Springs School Board Position 1.

Position 3 went to Gayla Wolfinbarger and Position 5 to Debbie Davis; they were both unopposed and received 100 percent of the votes.

Eureka Springs School Board Position 6 will be assumed by Candace Spaulding, with 58.9 percent of the votes cast.

Bud Phillips, at-large position 2, and Jerry King, zone 1, ran unopposed for the Green Forest School Board.

After being cast, the ballots were brought to the Carroll County Courthouse in Berryville. Election workers and coordinators worked swiftly to tally the votes from election day, absentee ballots, early votes and electronic votes, but were stalled by counting write-ins manually.

Before declaring the results official, election coordinators must receive outstanding overseas ballots.

The remaining ballots will have no effect on the end results of the election, said David Hoover, election coordinator.

The Berryville School Board has three ballots left, Green Forest has four, and Eureka Springs has 10. The overseas ballots have 10 days to arrive via mail. The results will become official after the 10 days, on Sept. 27.

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