Holiday Island to draft response to Corps of Engineers Table Rock Lake master plan

Thursday, August 22, 2013

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- Although most of Table Rock Lake is in Missouri, Holiday Island may have some serious concerns about the new Corps of Engineers' draft master plan revision for the future development, recreation and environmental protection of the lake and what it will mean for the retirement community's uses of its small portion of the lake.

Of four alternatives, the COE's preferred one is Alternative 2, which itself has four subcategories.

At the Board of Commissioners meeting Monday, District Manager Dennis Kelly said he and Commissioner Linda Graves had separately attended public comment sessions held last week in Shell Knob, Mo.

Kelly said he had spoken at length with TRL operations manager Jim Sandberg and realty specialist Becky Short about several areas of concern to Holiday Island: the ability to expand the marina, the proposed vegetation buffer that could affect lakefront homes and the Point, and the wastewater treatment plant outflow pipe.

"Their comments to me were that a 50-foot vegetation buffer will cover the entire lake," Kelly said. "They have not been enforcing it, but will start."

The COE will take public comments through Aug. 30 before presenting a final draft. Kelly said he will present a draft response on the plan to be considered by commissioners at its meeting next Monday. He also invited residents to offer him their feedback this week.

The web page for the master plan, video, fact sheet and other resources can be found at Areas 19, 20 and 24 on the COE map are of direct concern to Holiday Island.

The board voted to ask for an extension on renting the sludge dewatering belt press at the wastewater treatment plant. Its rental contract period ends Thursday, but more time is needed due to setbacks because of excessive rain, Schrader said.

The board approved an extension request of up to 30 days. Schrader will find out if the unit will be available.

Schrader said Matchpoint had finished its 20 miles of leak detection, and he had received a final report, but hadn't had a chance to look at it. He said 12 leaks adding up to 70 gallons per minute were found on the island, less than he had expected. Two areas of concern are Shields Drive between Horseshoe and Lakeside drives and Buckskin Drive.

Kelly said the report will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

The board approved a motion for the district to request an appointment with the Carroll County Board of Equalization to make a ruling on the tax status of district-owned lands. Graves had a 1997 Attorney General's opinion, 97-324, that opined the BOE can rule on tax exempt status, but it is subject to appeal at the county court.

Kelly was to have had a draft 2012 audit for the meeting but said the auditors had not yet released it.

"They are waiting on comments from the attorneys regarding legal issues," he said. It will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

In other business, the board:

* Approved the financial report through the end of June.

* Heard department reports, including reports on the recent rainstorms. Kelly said the district will be eligible for FEMA reimbursements.

* Issued service awards to employees who have worked five or more years.

The Board of Commissioners will meet again Monday, Aug. 26, at 9 a.m. at the district office at 110 Woodsdale Drive. The public is welcome.

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