Commission readies for school elections

Friday, July 19, 2013

BERRYVILE -- The Carroll County Election Commission approved the ballots that will be used in the school board elections at their meeting on Thursday.

The schools approved ballots before the commission gave the final OK.

At their previous meeting, July 9, the commission conducted a ballot drawing to decide in what order the candidates will be presented on the ballot. After this meeting the first draft of the ballots were sent to the different school districts and approved by them as well.

They also calculated the number of ballots and poll workers needed for the election and reviewed the proclamation that will be published in the Aug. 13 issue of Carroll County News.

At the next meeting, scheduled for Aug. 27, the commission intends to test the equipment that will be used for the upcoming election in a public logic and accuracy testing for the paper ballot counter and electronic voting machine.

The machines are basically double-checked by the commission by a trial run of the election. The commission will run test ballots through the electronic machines and their laptop to count the votes and make sure they go to the right paces. The commission will then check the results from the machines, their laptop and the printer that made the ballots to see if they match. If there are any discrepancies the commission will begin the long process to fix all the problems before the real election.

The deadline to register to vote for the Sept. 19 school board election is Aug. 19. For a complete report on who is running in each district, visit

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