Give and let give: Berryville family, Brashears donate prizes to Moore tornado victims

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
A family who won a $5,000 living room makeover from Brashears is donating their winnings to Moore tornado victims.

BERRYVILLE -- On May 20, an EF5 tornado ripped through Moore, Okla., tearing hundreds of homes and lives apart. Many residents there were left without a place to lay their heads -- and now a couple of local businesses and a Berryville family are doing something to help.

"When you see people who have absolutely nothing, then maybe you should look at that and see what you really have," said Daniel Padgett, whose family is donating a major prize they won to Moore tornado victims.

Brashears Furniture recently conducted a Facebook contest for a $5,000 living room makeover. The winner was the family whose living room photo secured the most votes on the Brashears' Facebook page. The Padgett family garnered more than 800 votes to claim the makeover as their own.

"There were three contestants that were neck-and-neck for a while then the Padgetts got the lead on them," said Robert Hodgson of Brashears Furniture. "The family was really in need of some new furniture. We had scheduled the designer to go to their house and check it out, then a week later the tornado hit Moore."

Brashears had to reschedule the designer's visit, but when Hodgson called to set up another appointment one of the Padgett family asked if their prize could go to the tornado victims.

"I was in shock, I was so impressed," Hodgson said. "It was an incredible act of kindness and of course we were willing to do it."

So Brashears called an organization giving ground support to the tornado victims called Feed the Children. Someone from the organization told them what they needed most was mattresses.

"We spoke to our vendor, Jamison Bedding," Hodgson explained. "And they joined the cause and helped more than double the donations."

With the Padgetts' reward and the donations from Brashears and Jamison Bedding, more than $11,000 worth -- an entire truckload -- of mattresses are being shipped to Moore this Thursday.

"It just seems like it was really selfish on our part (to keep the prizes)," said Daniel Padgett. "Because we had a functioning living room when others didn't have anything at all. We wanted something new, but we didn't need something new."

In this case, a random act of kindness itself was not the Padgetts' only reward. Brashears management was so moved by their selfless actions that the family was rewarded with a new sofa.

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