Letter to the Editor

Reader responds to Masters' SWEPCO letter

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I don't know Gene Masters. I respect his right to express his opinions. I first read about him in an article where he was complaining that SWEPCO had not notified him or his nephew on time. Now he claims that he has a secret source and knows what is going to happen with the SWEPCO project.

I only agree with two of his points, 4 & 6: any route chosen will be damaging to the property owners and others along the route, and the fear of where the lines may be built is having a negative impact in the local economy. No one is buying, selling or building new homes or businesses. The damage to our economy is caused by SWEPCO who chose six routes and failed to notify on time many landowners, hoping no one would have time to oppose this unnecessary project.

Gene, I don't have a secret source of information. There is plenty of information on the documents submitted to the APSC by SWEPCO, and information about Southwest Power Pool (SPP), who told SWEPCO to build the 345 kV line. In fact, SWEPCO and AEP are members of SPP. Why did SPP chose to use 2007 data to predict future demand for 2016 -- 2056? Carroll County is in the middle of a recession, jobs are hard to find, and businesses have a hard time staying afloat.

Fortunately, there are other sources of electrical power that are safe and affordable in use by many countries. Just look UP at the Sun. Ironically we now have more sunny days due in part to the carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants. There is no demand for additional electrical power at this time, there will be no blackouts. We have plenty of time to change energy policies to give tax incentives and allow individuals to sell excess capacity to the grid.

The last thing we want to do is help SWEPCO destroy our Economy, Quality of Life, clean Water & Air. This is not a done deal; together we can stop this unnecessary project.

-- Dr. Luis Contreras