Great Passion Play officer speaks at Post 9 Memorial Day service

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Kathryn Lucariello / Carroll County News

EUREKA SPRINGS -- Dick Kelsey, COO of the Great Passion Play, was the guest speaker at American Legion Post 9's Memorial Day service Monday at the post home at the junction of Ark. Highway 23 and 187.

Kelsey called America "an exceptional nation."

"I believe God has blessed us because of the basic core beliefs on which our nation was founded," he said, "beliefs which were put in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution."

Speaking on all men being created equal and "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights," he noted that the Constitution acknowledges "there is a Being greater than us" and that those "unalienable rights come from God. The government didn't give us those rights; the government is to protect these rights."

He said government is essential.

Dick Kelsey, COO of the Great Passion Play, was the featured speaker at Walker-Wilson American Legion Post 9 Memorial Day service Monday. Kathryn Lucariello / Carroll County News

"Anytime you have two or more people, somebody has to be in charge. Otherwise, you have chaos," Kelsey said.

He added there is a "fixed moral law."

"It doesn't matter if the government says otherwise -- a moral law is a moral law."

He said God had given us "an exceptional nation, and I believe it is incumbent upon us to keep it that way."

The service included numbers performed by the Holiday Island Singers and an explanation of items on the Prisoners of War/Missing in Action table.

The service was dedicated to members who had recently passed away: John C. Danner, Sr., John R. (Jack) Hill, John R. Ratliff and Paul B. Windels.

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