Two from Eureka charged in meth-lab bust

Friday, March 29, 2013

EAGLE ROCK -- Two Carroll County residents and a third man are in jail following their arrest last Friday for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine.

While searching Friday for Jason Edmonson and Brittney Collett in regard to questions about illegal drug activity, Detective Brad Handley of the Eureka Springs Police Department discovered the couple -- both of whom had been arrested March 12 while in possession of a mobile meth lab, police said -- had moved from their residence on Onyx Cave Road to a location just across the Missouri state line near the Promised Land Zoo.

Handley arrived at the new residence in time two see two people running from the garage into the house, according to a police report. The garage door was open, and Handley saw chemicals and items that are used to manufacture meth, police said.

He immediately contacted the Barry County, Mo., Sheriff's Office and reported his findings. Barry County deputies went to the residence and found Demonson and Collett actively manufacturing meth, police said.

According to the Barry County Sheriff's Office press release, authorities found Edmonson, 41, and Collett, 28, on site, and later arrested the owner of the residence, Richard E. Decker, and transported all three to the Barry County Sheriff's Office, where they were charged with conspiracy to manufacture/deliver a controlled substance.

During the search, officers located numerous drug items and two methamphetamine acid generators associated with meth production. Numerous syringes and burnt spoons that field tested positive for meth were also found.

Richard Decker is being held on a $75,000 cash only bond. Edmonson's bond is $50,000 and Collett is being held on a $25,000 bond, also cash only.

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