Lube center has new owners, adds auto repair

Friday, March 15, 2013
Mike and Deyone Lane have opened Holiday Island Auto Repair and Carwash at 4 Parkwood Drive in the Holiday Island shopping center. They offer repair, maintenance, oil changes and carwash facilities. Kathryn Lucariello / Holiday Island News

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- Locals will soon see a change of name at the lube center in the Park in Holiday Island, although the business has already been open for two weeks.

Holiday Island Auto Repair and Carwash has been opened by Mike and Deyone Lane. The business offers oil changes and carwashes as the location always has, but also offers auto repair and maintenance. Mike has 25 years' experience as an auto mechanic.

To start the business, the Lanes moved here from Colorado, but they are actually Arkansas residents who moved west a year and a half ago for a business opportunity.

"It didn't pan out," Deyone said, "so Mike did auto repair."

The Lanes had lived in Rogers for years over by Beaver Lake, and Mike had worked in Bentonville as a mechanic for several years. The Lanes have two daughters and also have family in the area.

When the lube business was up for sale by Butch and Sharon Hickey, the Lanes contacted them but found out it was under purchase by someone else, so the couple moved west.

Around this last Christmas time, Deyone said the a friend of the current owner contacted them in Colorado and said the business was once again for sale.

"I was surprised they still had my phone number," she said. "It must have been meant to be, and here we are."

In addition to oil changes, Mike does brakes, computer diagnostics and drivability testing, all required maintenance, batteries tested and installed, tuneups, air conditioning repair and tire rotation.

The business has an automatic drive-though carwash, three self-service carwash bays and two vacuum service stations.

Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

Holiday Island Auto Repair and Carwash is located at 4 Parkwood Drive in the Holiday Island shopping center and can be reached at 479-253-5747.

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