Letter to the Editor

Reader thanks county road department

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In a world where it seems like most people have a hard time taking responsibility for their actions I would like to commend the employees of the Carroll County Arkansas Road Department..focusing on the people who work the roads in the rural county roads. We went somewhere last Friday and as we pulled out onto the road from our driveway, it was clear some one, and it looked like the road grader had tore up our Mail Box by hitting it...we had no proof other than the obvious signs the road grader had worked right there and resigned ourselves to getting a new one...On Monday the next business day, we heard them out their again in and around our drive way and my husband walked down to see what kind of work they were doing..he was not going to mention the mail box, he didn't see the point. Low and behold they were down there installing a new mailbox..had our address on it and everything. So don't give up folks..there are awesome people still out there, that were raised right and work for a organization that has instill a sense of right and wrong in their work force or only hired folks that already had those qualities. I commend you all. You know who you are...If any of my friends from this area know someone on the road department. Please send this to them, I think they need to know they are appreciated, cause I know they get talked to poorly..because everyone wants their roads fixed first.

You guys are the best! God Bless You All!


Carroll County