Letter to the Editor

Reader writes to Bischoff lawsuit supporters

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This is a letter to Mr. & Mrs. Bischoff, Mr. Germani, Mr. Brown and each of our other neighbors who in my opinion supported and now share the responsibility for the malicious illegal exaction lawsuit that has befallen Holiday Island.

Thank you for your generous contribution to the history of this community and congratulations on your 15 minutes of fame. All it took from you was ignoring the well-being of your neighbors while you sought to prove that your own opinions were right. From where I sit, your actions appear immoral, unethical and just plain wrong.

While it is my belief that your attorneys only did this for fame and self-enrichment, I also feel that those of you who started, funded and have supported this despicable lawsuit should be very proud of your great achievement. We hope it makes you feel good to say that you were right and that now you will have your day in court. And we hope you are sleeping well at night while your neighbors and former friends are awake mulling the impact of your ill-conceived actions on our homes and our lives.

Did you take pleasure from many of your fellow homeowners leaving your little "town meeting" shaking with anger or with tears in their eyes over the loss of what Holiday Island once was? And perhaps grieving over the loss of their innocence by trusting you, their neighbors.

Please remember that for the rest of your days in this community each and every time you make eye contact with one of us dumb ones, you will only see our pity. Even those of you who, in my opinion, were too cowardly to stand up and admit that you helped finance or have actively supported this unconscionable action still have to live with yourselves while knowing that you contributed to the pillaging of our beautiful community.

No, we wont give you the satisfaction of hating you. But we hope that you and your egos enjoy a great friendship. Because in my opinion those egos, which caused you to dismiss your neighbor's concerns, are the only friends you will ever find in Holiday Island. However, we also pray that your future neighbors will be kinder and show more consideration to you than you have shown to your Holiday Island neighbors.

One more thing. While our lives are changed forever, OUR BELOVED HOLIDAY ISLAND WILL SURVIVE THIS! And the rest of us will still be able to look at ourselves in the mirror every day and say, "we were considerate of our neighbors." My belief is that when you look in the mirror all you will see are little people with no conscience who put themselves and their opinions above everyone else. And we will remember!


Holiday Island