Students conduct 'cool' research

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eureka Springs High School EAST Initiative members braved 27 degree temperatures, a windchill of 22 degrees and winds gusting 10 to 25 mph to conduct an outside research project at Pig Trail Harley Davidson in Rogers recently. Students used an EAST After Hours FLIR thermal imaging camera and a non-contact infrared thermometer to study the insulation qualities of Harley's Motorsports line of clothing thanks to Tina Madryga, the apparel department manager, and Emiliea Hughes. Like your mother said, "Wear a warm coat, hat and gloves when you go out in the winter," these students are showing how important that is in retaining core body temperature and protecting skin surface exposure. Cold weather is dangerous for infants and elderly because they cannot not shiver -- which is the body's way of raising its own temperature. In extreme cold, even the cornea of the eye can be damaged without proper protection. Although scientific studies show that exposure to cold cannot be proven to cause colds or the flu virus, it does weaken our immune system making us more susceptible to disease and injury. Students will be releasing their findings and public awareness information resulting from this study in the next few weeks. Participating EAST Lab students were, from left in rear, Nathan Wilkerson, Bradley Lindblom, Josh McClelland, Jon Fraser, Robert Jones, Schuyler Worley, Max Drizner and Travis Ramsey. In front are Callista Dendler and Kennedy Cash.

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