GUEST COMMENTARY: King's bill will help keep our water safer

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Water operators, water districts and other entities that hold the responsibility of stewardship of our precious drinking water resources have asked that you help enact the Water Additive Accountability Bill now being considered by the Arkansas State Senate.

Arkansas rules and regulations already establish protective standards for the chemicals that are added to the water to improve potability.

However, manufacturers of these additives that are intended to treat humans, rather than the water, have largely ignored requests for more detailed information so that a water district is frequently persuaded to make a selection of a product based on the pressure to proceed with the public policy of adding a substance to treat humans without establishing full accountability, full disclosure of content, extent of contamination and full compliance with all laws and regulations.

State Sen. Bryan King, R-Green Forest, has submitted Senate Bill 255, the Water Additive Accountability Bill, which clarifies that copies of documents already required for manufacturers to merit certification of their product are disclosed and made fully available to the water districts and consumers, along with a manufacturer's declaration that they are accountable for their product fulfilling the safety and effectiveness claims made for the public policy.

This legislation that responsible water suppliers have proposed is intended to move past endorsements of the public policy and clarify the law to ensure accountability for the persuasive claims of adding a substance to our public drinking water; to ensure full disclosure of an additive's contents and contaminants so there are no surprises; to ensure compliance with details of all rules, regulations, and laws intended to protect the consumer; and to ensure conformance with already-established industry standards.

Secure Arkansas supports this bill with no reservations and asks that you help with getting this great piece of legislation passed. Please write, call or fax your legislators and tell them that you support SB 255, the bill that assures that the water district and all consumers have accountability and full disclosure for the products you drink and bathe or shower in every day.

Secure Arkansas asks that you write, call or fax your support for SB 255, and tell your legislators: "I support and ask that you co-sponsor Sen. King's SB 255 that assures that our water districts and all consumers have accountability and full disclosure for the products we drink, bathe or shower in every day."

* * *

To contact the State Senate and voice your opinion, call 501-682-2902. To contact Sen. Bryan King directly, call 870-438-4565 or email bryan.king@senate.ar.gov. To voice your opinion with the Senate Committee on Public Health, Welfare and Labor -- which will soon consider this bill -- call the Committee Chairwoman Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, R-Rogers, at 479-636-2115 or email her at cecile.bledsoe@senate.ar.gov.

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