Letter to the Editor

Reader says Green Forest worse off now

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I read with interest the letter by Ms. Villines, Moore and Tanner and totally agree with these ladies.

My wife and I tried to call Mayor Reese and could not get an answer, so we went to his office and he was never there. We were told each time that he had just left.

When we finally caught him, we told him of an unsightly condition near our home, but were told that it would take a year to clean up each of the unsightly conditions within the city of Green Forest (I doubt if I will live long enough to see the results of Mr. Reese's action).

We also told him of a situation where there was going to be two dwellings on a single lot in a single resident zone, but were told he could do nothing because the roof was not being changed so a building permit was not necessary and he could do nothing.

Our mayor promised when he ran for office that he would clean up Green Forest, yet the city looks worse than when Mr. Tidyman was mayor, the streets are full of holes and cuts (made mostly by the city).

I believe that the city has set itself up for legal action by not enforcing laws already on the books, allowing some to violate them, yet enforcing the law upon others.

Maybe it would be good for each council person and the mayor to drive the streets of Green Forest once each week to view what has happened to a nice city under their tenure in office.


Green Forest