Letter to the Editor

Reader advises compassion in aftermath of shooting

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

In the aftermath of the horrendous massacre in Newtown, Conn., last week, something seems amiss.

Certainly, our prayers go out to all involved. Certainly, our hearts ache for you and we weep for you, the dead and alive, the young and old.

We, all of us, are left with deep wounds and scars emblazoned on our hearts and minds. What seems to be missing in all this is prayer and hearts aching for Adam Lanza's mother and family -- and Adam himself -- who appears to have lacked what he needed to feel whole, to be connected, to know love. Indeed, if our hearts are right -- if we really understand compassion -- our hearts ache and we weep for everyone. Yes, for everyone -- including Adam -- and any others like him, who also could be tormented, misguided or live in despair.

What about our prayers? Our prayers might well take the form of forgiveness and understanding: forgiveness and understanding that reach beyond our loss, beyond our pain, beyond our sadness and grief, beyond our outrage -- beyond even our imagined need for guns.

Now what will we do about it? May each of us -- citizen and politician alike -- find a way to go to bed tonight with our heart and mind at peace about all this -- compassionately so.