Year-end editions: A look back on 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Today's edition is the first of three year-end editions in which we reflect on the past 12 months, hopefully finding news that not only tells us where we've been and what we've endured, but also encouraging news and events from which we can learn and move ahead, improving our communities and local governments.

Carroll County News reviewed the past year and beginning in today's pages brings you the following:

* Top Ten Crime Stories of the Year in Carroll County, in today's Midweek edition;

* The Year In Review for the county's top governmental bodies, including school boards, city councils and Quorum Court, in Friday's Weekend edition; and

* Carroll County's Top Ten News Stories of the Year, in the Jan. 1 Midweek edition.

How did we select these stories? First, anything that put Carroll County in the national spotlight -- in other words, made national headlines -- probably made the list. The rest are stories that we found to be the most outrageous, the most disgusting and disturbing, the most riveting, and/or simply the most crazy. It's hard to believe sometimes what people will do.

But what is it they say about looking back? Let's learn what we can from our past, and make our future even better.