New State Senate district includes GF, Alpena

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
District 16 State Sen. Michael Lamoureux

GREEN FOREST -- When the 89th General Assembly convenes in regular session on Jan. 14, Newton County and parts of Carroll and Boone counties will have new representation in the Arkansas Senate.

State Sen. Michael Lamoureux of Russellville will represent the area, which will be in Senate District 16. He replaces Sen. Randy Laverty, who formerly represented Senate District 2 but who will no longer serve in the Legislature. Besides the change in the Senate District number from 2 to 16, the geographical boundaries of the districts have changed.

District 16 extends to the outskirts of Harrison and encompasses much of Green Forest and Alpena. It takes in Jasper and all of Newton County.

Redrawing of district boundaries is done every 10 years, after the U.S. Census. The newly drawn districts reflect population shifts, so that each district ends up with the same number of people. Current Senate districts have about 83,300 people each. Senate districts drawn after the 2000 Census started the decade with about 76,000 people.

"I've got some big shoes to fill when it comes to replacing Senator Laverty. He stood up for the people of his district and nobody at the Capitol ever saw him back down from a fight," Lamoureux said.

"I'll do my best to represent the people of north Arkansas," Lamoureux said. "I'll listen and I'll respond. I may not always agree with everybody, but I will listen to their point of view."

Lamoureux will be President Pro Tem of the Senate, a position of leadership that entails speaking for the Senate in negotiations with the governor, the executive branch of state government and the House of Representatives. He will make certain committee appointments and is next in line to serve as acting governor in the absence of both the lieutenant governor and the governor.

He will be a member of the Senate Committee on Revenue and Taxation, which is expected to consider several tax cut proposals in the 2013 session. Lamoureux also will serve on the Senate Committee on Insurance and Commerce. His most time-consuming committee assignment will be as a member of the Joint Budget Committee, which reviews in detail every state agency spending request.

During the interim between legislative sessions, Lamoureux will serve on the Joint Audit Committee, which examines the accounting practices of school districts, cities, counties and institutions of higher education. In minor cases, committee auditors recommend generally accepted accounting procedures and in serious cases they turn their findings over to the local prosecutor.

Lamoureux also will be a member of the Legislative Council, which monitors the operations of state government during the interim. Its subcommittees keep track of personnel changes in state agencies and review contracts signed with private sector businesses, as well as all regulatory changes proposed by state government.

Lamoureux is an attorney. He and his wife, Kristi, have a son and a daughter. His telephone number is 479-968-7300 and his mailing address is 103 West Parkway, Suite 1B, Russellville, 72801.

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