Scientists, psychics explore alternative healing at Healing Path Expo

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Deerwomon (left, forefront) was one of four women who conducted a ceremony attended by more than 130 people on 12/12/12 at 12 noon to usher in the Earth changes prophesied as part of the ending of the Mayan calendar. Photo by Kathryn Lucariello / Carroll County News

EUREKA SPRINGS -- More than 130 people gathered on 12/12/12 at 12 noon at the Retreat at Sky Ridge for a ceremony of chanting, dancing and blessing related to the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar. Many also attended a variety of 23 workshops and talks on a wide range of New Age topics.

Dr. Jesse Lopez from Overland Park, Kan., a bariatric surgeon, and his wife, Susan, spoke about using meditation and accessing DNA information from other lifetimes to effect healing of current ills.

In his medical practice, Lopez uses not only traditional allopathic drugs and surgeries but other tools such as crystals, feathers and his patients' spiritual beliefs to assist in their healing.

He spoke about the fact that in many cases pharmaceutical drugs and surgery, often rejected by the alternative healing community, are needed in order to help people get better, and he believes in using an integrated approach.

"With adrenal burnout," he said, "cortisol deficiency can be tested in saliva. Short-term supplementation with hydrocortisone can be used for two or three months to build a patient back up, then they can supplement with ashwaganda or other herbs to get them back to normal, and they won't have to do that again."

He also spoke about how conventional science says that only 3 percent of DNA is active, and the rest is considered "junk."

"What is called 'junk DNA' is active on the crystalline and multidimensional level," he said, and can be called upon to assist in healing by accessing its stored memories of a lifetime when, for instance, a patient had perfectly functional organs.

"Call the lifetime energy forth for your coded DNA structure ... until you heal."

Susan is an example of this, they noted. She has a degenerative spine disease and has had several back surgeries.

She said she had to look at why she had this condition in this lifetime, speaking about a situation with an abuser. She has worked on healing by calling on her "perfect human blueprint" through meditation. She said it is taking time because "bone is one of the densest expressions of light."

Lopez said as a physician he has seen the x-rays and knows what he is looking at. He has seen the positive changes.

"Had she never made this spiritual growth, she would be in a wheelchair," he said.

"One-eighth of an inch is all it takes," he added, speaking of the width of a mustard seed, which has been used as a symbol of faith. "Address it directly. Address your DNA, visualize it, feel it, know you are changing your history."

Another speaker, Larry Flaxman, is a widely published author who established ARPAST -- Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team. ARPAST is a "science-basd research group dedicated to furthering our measured understanding of anomalous and unexplained phenomena" by documenting, collecting and analyzing data.

He was to give his talk on "The Grid: A Scientific, Metaphysical and Paranormal Theory of Everything," complete with 180 slides, but changed his talk at the last minute to speak about his personal experiences of losing both his parents this year. His recollections included what can only be termed paranormal episodes of contact with his deceased mother and father and his emotional process because of it.

Workshops and talks by others included assisting those in the process of dying, by a former nurse practitioner; information on crystals and flower and gemstone essences; and creating conscious community.

The event was organized by Marie Turnock of Arkansas Healers, based in Eureka Springs.

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