HISID to tackle amenities fees, taxes on lots, new mission statement at end-of-the-year meeting

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- In its final regular meeting of 2012 on Wednesday under the direction of new Chairman Ken Ames, the Holiday Island Board of Commissioners will take on some major issues impacting the health and well-being of the community.

Under old business, as part of the overall 2013 budget and in keeping with the board's decision to open the golf courses up to the public as a way of generating more revenue, a proposed amenities guide adds golf fees for non-property owners. If the proposal passes, the public will be able to purchase yearly, monthly or weekly golf cards, just like property owners. Fees will be $700 for an annual 9-hole family card, $1,100 for an 18-hole card or $1,300 for a combined card, while property owners pay $400, $725 or $775, respectively. Other duration card fees are similar, with non-property owners paying almost twice what property owners pay. The amenities document also looks at other fees, such as cart rentals, driving range, swimming and campground.

The board will discuss the potential revenues generated from these changes and the possible effect on lot and home sales.

The board will also discuss the tax-exempt status of HISID properties by way of a letter received from county tax assessor JoAnn Harris, who wrote she still believes the district owes property taxes on all lots in its name, and it will have to file suit to get that changed.

Under new business, the board will review a new mission statement and goals and objectives draft. The draft outlines fives areas to be addressed in terms of the district's financial stability, ability to stay within budget and annual savings: infrastructure stability, assessments/cost effectiveness, organization and implementation strategy, strategic growth plan and amenities.

The draft proposes committees to study these areas and suggests commissioners to head them: Bruce Larson on infrastructure, Ames and the district manager on assessments, Ken Brown on organization and implementation strategy, Greg Davis on the strategic growth plan and Linda Graves on amenities.

The board will also look at District Manager Gerald Hartley's proposed Request for Qualifications for an engineering firm to conduct a water leak study. Hartley wrote in a memo that he and Water/Wastewater Superintendent Dan Schrader visited Benton County Water District No. 1 and have some information to report on their success at reducing water loss. Hartley also met with MCA Engineering about their study done in 2009-2010.

Also on the agenda is the 2011 Assessment of Benefits, requested by new commissioner Greg Davis. Hartley cautioned board members that the AOB is part of ongoing litigation and discussion of it could be used against HISID.

The meeting will take place Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 9 a.m. at the district office at 110 Woodsdale Drive. The public is welcome.

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