Berryville natural gas leak contained

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BERRYVILLE -- A ruptured natural gas line caused a few people to pinch their noses last night, but that was the worst of the damage.

Rich Davis, a spokesman for Source Gas, said a gas line near First National Bank on the Berryville Public Square had ruptured around 7:30 last night.

Tammy Hipps, director of guest services for Mercy Hospital in Berryville, said no one had been treated for injuries related to the leak. However, the town square was filled for several hours with the smell of rotten eggs.

Davis said the leak had occurred at a joint between older, metal and newer, plastic sections of the pipe.

The company sent a work crew from Harrison to assess the problem after someone called complaining of the odor.

"The crews worked through the night and were able to secure the leak," Davis said.

He said the leak was only a "minor" one. He added that the unholy stench was actually a savior.

Methane itself is odorless, Davis said. However, it can be deadly. Because of this, Source Gas adds a chemical -- Mercaptan -- to its product so that leaks can be readily detected.

"It did what it was supposed to do," Davis said.

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