LETTER: Reader seeks missing 'pet' deer, says HI deer have vanished

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Deer Editor,

Has anyone seen the deer? It seems like 95 percent of the deer have vanished from the woods on the mountainside of Holiday Island.

For the past nine years Biffy has been our wild pet.

With robust leaps, when I called her name,

like a puppy dog she quickly came.

Bringing along her fawns each year,

to show them off without a fear,

knowing she would safely be,

and gently walked up near to me.

BIFFY ALERT: Have you seen this deer and her two fawns? Biffy wore a defined marking on her forehead and a scar on her side. The two fawns, Prize (Surprise) the male, and Holly (Holiday) the female were about 2 feet high and had just lost their spots, the last time they were seen in mid-September. Prior to then, Biffy normally showed up twice everyday.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the deer or what has happened to them -- PLEASE let us who miss them, know.

Thank you,

Dee Landerman

Response sent through the website:

We live in HI. The deer have not vanished where we live. If a large predator has moved into your territory, deer will vanish, along with all sorts of other animals. Including cats and dogs that are let to roam. Most likely a large feline of sorts, and no I am not talking about a housecat. We have them out here. I have seen one in our neighborhood.

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