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Oct. 9, 1928: N.Y. Yankees make history in baseball

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who does not love baseball? Especially now that it is at its post season stage? In less than a month we will find out which baseball team is the best in the nation. The date of Tuesday, Oct. 9, 1928, is significant in the baseball realm because the New York Yankees swept the St. Louis Cardinals in four games. That was special alright, but this 1928 series was unique because it was the first time a team swept in consecutive series, having it done in 1927 against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The 1928 World Series was definitely memorable. This was a chance for the Yankees to get back at the Cardinals for defeating them at the 1926 World Series. On that occasion, it went all the way to the seventh game, where the Yankees painfully lost at their own stadium.

However, two years later, things were different and the Yankees came unstoppable. The team finished regular season with a record of 101-53, under manager Miller Huggins. When it was time to play St. Louis, however, misfortune had struck them. They had three injured players: Pitcher Herb Pennock who had a sore arm, centerfielder Earle Combs had a broken finger, and the great Babe Ruth had a bad ankle. Their pitcher, Urban Shocker died as a result of tuberculosis. The St. Louis team was the candidate to take the title at this instance.

These injuries, however, would not stop the Yankees from giving a good performance, and the Series ended up being a two-man show ran by Lou Gehrig and the injured Babe Ruth. On Game 1, Ruth had a single and two doubles, while Gehrig went with two RBIs. The second game was dominated by the Yankees who won 9-3. Game 3 and 4 were no different, where the score ended up 7-3 in both games. At the end of the Series, both sluggers left with a .593 average, 7 homeruns and 13 RBIs. An amazing performance for sure. Of course they couldn't take all the credit. The pitchers George Pipgras, Waite Hoyt, Tom Zachary helped win this title as well.

For New York Yankee fans, and really, any baseball fan, October 9, 1928 is an important and memorable date. Who wouldn't have wanted to be present at Sportsman's Park to watch these legends show us how to really play baseball? This was the Yankees second title, and there were many more to come, and now they have 27. The St. Louis Cardinals is a great team, and I will never forget Game 6 of the World Series last year. Best comeback I have ever seen. In memorable moments like this, it really does not matter what team your heart belongs to, or what your favorite sport is, you will always feel the impulse and thrill that sports can bring.