Happy birthday and welcome to America!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Annie Sheu arrives at the airport on Saturday evening, Aug. 18 from Taiwan to begin her year as an exchange student and is welcomed by members of her first host family, Karen and Manon Gros of Eureka Springs. Annie got here just in time to start school at Eureka Springs High School on the first day of classes. She is being hosted jointly by the Eureka Springs and Holiday Island Rotary Clubs. This should be an exciting year for Annie; she will spend the first three months with the Patrice and Karen Gros family and then on to spend three months with Tim and Mavis Lehr. A third host family is still being sought. Although Annie speaks English very well, she is looking forward to learning more about American culture and is excited about the classes she will be taking at the high school. Annie's parents and her college-age brother remain in Taiwan. Annie will celebrate her 17th birthday on Sunday, Aug. 26.

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