Science, supernatural meet this weekend at Crescent seminar weekend

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
LARRY FLAXMAN, author/screenwriter/Founder of ARPAST-Arkansas Paranormal & Anomalous Studies Team, will lead a seminar this weekend at The Crescent during the "Parallel Universes" weekend.

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EUREKA SPRINGS -- Science and the paranormal will collide this weekend, Aug. 24-26 at the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa.

The three-day event, entitled "Parallel Universes: Where Science and the Supernatural Meet," will offer fans of both ends of this spectrum a full weekend of seminars, investigations and experimentation.

Keith Scales, organizer of the event, explains the reason for bringing these two topics together: "Scientific investigation depends on proof -- reliable data, repeatable experiments, and accurate interpretation of results -- in order to better understand the universe. Whereas paranormal experience is not about investigation because usually supernatural phenomena erupt into everyday life when least expected."

"As can be witnessed on numerous paranormal-themed television programs, paranormal investigators of today are employing the tools of science and the latest technological innovations to record experiences that science has traditionally regarded as unverifiable," Scales continued. "At the same time, science is developing new models of reality -- multiple universes, entangled particles and such -- that may one day explain the currently inexplicable."

The question that will be a continuing theme throughout the weekend will be "Could paranormal investigators, particles physicists and neuroscientists be on the same track?"

The assembled experts and those interested citizens in attendance will conduct question-answering experiments. Those experts attending include Larry Flaxman, founder and president of ARPAST and co-founder of ParaExplorers; Dr. L. John Greenfield, chairman of the Neuroscience Department of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Dr. Sarkis Nazarian, UAMS neuro-opthamologist; and Maha Vijra, founder of the Quantum Buddhist Association.

"Joining these and other experts participating in this Parallel Universes weekend will be plain, everyday folks who either have had an experience and want to share or those men and ladies who have a desire to learn more of 'what's out there and why'," concluded Scales.

For more information about the Parallel Universes weekend and how to participate visit or call 800-342-9766.

Seminar passes available for local residents

To make the upcoming "Parallel Universes: Where Science and The Supernatural Meet" conference more accessible, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, located at 75 Prospect Ave. in Eureka Springs, is offering a three-day pass to all events, which includes admission to all talks, events and discussions but does not include lodging.

This special "seminar only" pass is now available at the hotel's front desk for $100; however, reservations should be made in advance.

The three-day conference includes the following nationally recognized speakers and lecturers (and their topics of discussion):

Friday, Aug. 24

* MAHA VAJRA, Founder of the Quantum Buddhist Association (The Development of Mind Substance from the Raw Material of Personal Experience)

* LARRY FLAXMAN, author/screenwriter/Founder of ARPAST-Arkansas Paranormal & Anomalous Studies Team (The Grid: A New Theory on Everything)

Saturday, Aug.25

* DR. JIM WALDEN, intuitive wellness and well-being coach/holistic healing educator (Holistic Healing Through Quantum Interconnectedness)

* DR L. JOHN GREENFIELD, Chair, Department of Neurosciences, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Brain, mind and the Paranormal)

* DR. SARKIS NAZARIAN, neuro-opthalmologist, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Vision and the Brain; auras, hallucinations, deja-vu, agnosia, pareidolia and other bizarre activities)

Sunday, Aug. 26

* DR. LESLIE D. HANNAH, Director of Cherokee Programs at Northeastern State University (Pirsig's Paradox and the Reality of Ghosts).

* Other sessions include The Seen and The Unseen; The View From Beyon; Evidence of the Irrational; The Scientific Viewpoint; In Search of Answers. Plus live theatre performances, ghost tours and media presentations.

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