Letter to the Editor

Physician agrees with Jones column

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Daniel Jones' allegory of the American health care system. With 50-plus years in private practice I can say from experience he was "right on."

I'd like to add another comment on Joe's woes. When the public discovered Joe had insurance they thought they'd found the Golden Goose. After all, large insurance settlements came from the insurance company, not out of Joe's pocket... that is until Joe's premiums went up. Soon Joe was forced to do a myriad of additional tests to document that everything was OK when the car left his shop. That was just in case someone decided to sue him.

One other recommendation to add to Dr. Jones' list could be the tort reform.

-- Lyman Squires, O.D., FCOVD

A thankfully retired optometrist


Editor's note: The guest commentary by Dr. Daniel Jones to which Dr. Squires is referring can be viewed online here.