If it's 105 degrees it must be time for... Bobcat Football

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Fernando Ramirez is the center of the Bobcat's attention as he tries to best his own top cling during the Bobcats conditioning session at the first practice of the season last Monday.

Berryville Bobcats

BERRYVILLE -- "We probably had 85% of our kids make the required [workouts this summer] and 70% made more than required," said Bobcat head football coach Eric Daniels. "We're continuing [today] what they've done all summer.

That's how coach Daniels began his comments after the first day of official football practice yesterday (Monday).

Tristan Payne finishing his cling during the first official session in the Bobcats new weight building adjacent to the football facility.

The day started off with a team meeting in the indoor practice building. Every "t" that hadn't been crossed and "i" not that hadn't been dotted was completed.

With the record heat and the national emphasis on concussion in all levels of football much paperwork has to be completed in order to cover all bases required by the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA), Arkansas school's governing body.

After what could be described as at best a disappointing year last season coach Daniels is upbeat about his still young team. Last year Daniels had numerous sophomore starters.

Jr. high players in the new weight room last Monday.

"When you have a 15-year-old against an 18 or 19-year-olds there's a big difference [in physical development]," Daniels said. "But it helps us tremendously to have starters with experience. When you get bumps on the chin you hope it toughens up your chin," he said about last year's young starters.

"A big goal [for us] is to wind the first game," Daniels said. "The team [decided their] goal is to go to the playoffs."

"My expectations are high... of myself, of my staff, and of the kids," Daniels said.

Bobcat Bryan King warming up.
Head coach Eric Daniels at team meeting on the first day of practice.
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