HISID's capital improvement wish list tops $600,000

Saturday, July 28, 2012

UPDATED -- HOLIDAY ISLAND -- In what might be "pie in the sky" hopes, Holiday Island departmental staff turned in their preliminary wish lists for more than $600,000 in capital improvements in the 2013 budget Monday.

"Right now, we're $867,000 short in assessments," said Commissioner Ken Ames, referring to payments that would normally be made by this time of year after the assessment billing went out in March. Just as with county taxes, however, property owners have until Oct. 15 to pay their assessments.

(UPDATE: At the business meeting July 30, Ames said he did not say the district is short compared to last year, but that there is still $867,000 left to collect by the Oct. 15 deadline to meet the income projection for 2012. The district is actually ahead of collections this same time last year. We apologize for this error.)

"The first thing we need to look at is infrastructure," Ames added. "That has to be our first priority for 2013."

The capital improvements plan (CIP) is a five-year plan, Chairman Linda Griswold reminded the board.

"I know there are a couple items I'd like to see if we can make them work some way."

District Manager John Kennedy said he and the staff would prioritize the requests and come back with a list. He said he liked the idea of commissioners meeting with him individually, and then he would make everyone's comments available to the others.

The request documents were not initially made available to the press or public. They were furnished upon request.

Eighteen-hole Golf maintenance is asking for $85,500: $43,000 for a replacement fairway mower; $28,000 for four maintenance carts; $10,500 for cart path improvements; and $40,000 for a replacement roughs mower.

The Pro Shop is asking for $42,000: $19,000 for carpet in the entire Clubhouse and $23,000 for painting the Clubhouse inside and out.

The Fire Department is asking for $40,000 for a new, two-bay satellite fire station, to be placed at Stateline Drive and Sunview Lane.

The Roads/Facility Maintenance Department is asking for $331,000: $300,000 for road paving; $22,500 for asphalt paving of the walking trail parking lot; and $8,500 for a zero turn mower.

Water/Wastewater is asking for $96,000: $8,500 for a zero turn mower; $25,000 for pressure reducing valve rehabilitation; and $62,500 for lift station rehabilitation. What is also listed but not estimated is rehabilitation and painting of the 9-hole maintenance facility booster tank.

What is not listed is a request for the leak detection program next year, a fact noted by Ames. The district has in the past had water loss of finished water as high as 85 percent.

Administration is asking for $17,850: $15,000 for accounting software; $2,000 for a replacement networked printer; and $850 to refurbish the district office and Pro Shop signs.

Commissioner Bruce Larson suggested the list be put on the district's website "so everyone can see it."

"I think we might be able to get some homeowners and groups involved in funding some of these things," he said.

"We've been proud of the volunteerism," said property owner Mary Smith, referring to the patio cover of the Pro Shop deck. "Keep that in mind if you think the volunteers can do some of these things."

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