New director gives shelter new leash on life

Thursday, July 5, 2012
Janice Durbin, the new director of the Good Shepherd Humane Society Animal Shelter, started her new job on May 7. Her background includes work as a registered nurse, a college professor, attorney, and even as an elected prosecutor. David Bell / Carroll County News

EUREKA SPRINGS -- New Good Shepherd Humane Shelter Director Janice Durbin grew up in southwest Missouri on a farm that once belonged to her grandparents, and she currently lives on a farm outside Powell, Mo.

She came to the job on May 7, and says she's having a great time with a good group of people to work with.

"I have always loved animals. I have dogs, cats, chickens -- and my neighbor wants to give me a goat!" Durbin said. "I have chickens named Red, Ruby and Goldie."

Durbin is enjoying her new position at the shelter. "I have always been happy with the care and concern for animals I have seen at the shelter. I used to visit here when we would come to town," she said.

"The staff at the shelter work incredibly hard under often difficult situations to care for the animals here. Some of the projects I would like to see come about are getting new kennels for the dogs and expanding the space for cats. I would also like to build a dog run for the larger animals."

Durbin's background includes work as a registered nurse, a college professor, attorney -- and she even served a term as elected prosecutor.

As to the recent difference of opinion whether the shelter handbook should be re-written to allow more animals in each pen, Durbin commented, "I can't speak to whether or not some feel regulations are too strict.

"We as an organization do have a shelter policy and procedure manual like most agencies. Our policies and procedures are also in keeping with the mission of Good Shepherd Humane Society and the standards established by the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA.

"My basic philosophy is to adhere to the mission of the Good Shepherd Humane Society and provide top quality shelter care for homeless animals until they find forever homes," she continued.

"I love the Eureka Springs area and would like to relocate here permanently, but in the meantime, I live close enough to commute and enjoy this wonderful community."

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