Carroll County Airport Recognized for Architectural Uniqueness

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carroll County Airport Terminal was featured in Arch Daily, an online architectural source, for its conceptual building design. The structure, modified from the plans of a World War II F4U Corsair airplane was abstracted and simplified into the design.

"When we started this project, we knew it was going to be a smaller building with a modest budget and the Carroll County Airport Commission wanted something unique to increase tourism," said Chris Baribeau, AIA, principal architect. "So when the commission told us they were going to house World War II artifacts, we knew there was a potential for a different style of building and we wanted the building to act as an artifact in itself."

An observation deck called "vultures row" was built into the plans after architects spoke with the CCAC and heard them speak of their excitement for watching the planes take off and land on the hilltop. Vultures row was modeled after the viewing platform on naval ships.

The terminal was designed by an architectual team from Modus Studio in Fayetteville, Ark. who received an award by the American Institute of Architects for their design.

According to, "The Carroll County Airport Terminal is an architectural machine inspiring the adventure of flight while lightly landing as a proud artifact that eagerly engages a growing population of pilots and visitors at this rural Arkansas airport."

Attracting business and tourism to Carroll County is important to airport and it is vital to the growth of the community, said chairman of the commission Dave Teigen.

"We're very happy that we put something together that is unique to the U.S. and is as unique as Carroll County," Teigen added.

In September, the CCAC plans to dedicate the building to the 1964 airport commission.

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