SJAB installs officers, recognizes volunteer hours

Monday, July 2, 2012
Volunteers were recognized for their many hours of service to the hospital and its patients.

BERRYVILLE -- The annual meeting of St. John's Auxiliary-Berryville was held June 18 at Freeman Heights Baptist Church with 49 members attending.

Sharon Huffmire, AHAA state president-elect, spoke to the group about leadership and the "Auxiliary Clique." She explained that this is a group of volunteers who go to meetings and serve on the board. Those involved make a difference with loyal service to the hospital and to the community. "Try it, you'll like it!" Huffmire encouraged the attendees.

Blood Drive Chairwoman Joy Flake was congratulated for receiving two awards for the past two years for "Most Improved Blood Drives." Participation increased from 26 percent to 78 percent.

AHAA State President-Elect Sharon Huffmire, left, assisted by Mercy Hospital Auxiliary Liaison Nichole Hopple, right, install new SJAB officers President Anita Spearman, President-Elect Joy Flake and Secretary Neta Sue Stamps at the St. John's Auxiliary-Berryville annual meeting on June 18. Photos courtesy of Neta Sue Stamps / Special to Carroll County News

SJAB has pledged $65,000 for a Bone Density DEXA Scanner. The last donation will be presented to Berryville's Mercy Hospital in July 2012.

Election and installation of officers for 2012-2013 was followed by the presentation of awards for volunteer hours this past year. An average of 99 members volunteered monthly with a total of 24,931.5 hours total for the year.

The following volunteers received awards for time volunteered for SJAB:

* 50 hour badge and 100 hour bar: Ann Atnip, Donna Gray, Aldean Grundman, Michael Lewis, Brenda Lindstem, Margaret Locke, Juanita Sullins, Vernon Sullins and Mike Teigland.

* 100 hour bar: Billy Sterling

* 500 hour bar: Melissa Blazer, Judy Doving, Keith Ham Wilma Harrington and Nicole Hoppel

* 1,000 hour bar: Robert Allen, Patricia Cline, Pearl Doss, Thelma Fisher, Barbara Kelley, Bettie Logan and Betty McClellan

* 1,500 hour bar: Larinda Armer, Juanita Baker, Gloria Beyer, Cathy Harris, Emma Jean Howard and Maxine White

* 2,000 hour bar: Hazel Huff, Bobbie Molder and Anita Spearman

* 2,500 hour bar: Sue Bacon

* 3,000 hour bar: Anita Boyd, Ron Flake and Judy Icenogle

* 3,500 hour bars: Connie Lascano and Shelba Miller

* 4,000 hour bar: Viola Alstatt, Shirley Kilgore and Eunice Smith

* 5,000 hour bars: Jewel Pyron and Mae Smith

* 5,500 hour bar: Iris Rowe

* 7,000 hour bar: Joyce McMullen

* 7,500 hour: Teresa Tiemeyer

* 8,000 hour bars: Katie Kriesel and Neta Sue Stamps

* 9,000 hour bar: Leona Rundall

* 10,500 hour bar: Betty Bailey

* 11,000 hour bar: Jonnie Lindt

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