Airport clarifies points on insurance

Saturday, June 30, 2012

An article in Tuesday's Midweek edition inaccurately or unclearly stated a few things about the Carroll County Airport, which the Carroll County News would like to clarify here. CCN regrets the misunderstandings.

First, regarding the Carroll County Airport Commission's intentions to request additional money from the Quorum Court for additional insurance, Dave Teigen of the Carroll County Airport Commission explained it this way: "First, the amount of insurance our airport, or county, carries has absolutely nothing to do with making it possible for larger jet-engine aircraft to fly into Carroll County. The factor that is of the most concern pertaining to jet traffic is the length of the runway and instrument approaches. We have GPS approaches on both Runway 25 and Runway 7."

The purpose of the additional insurance protection is to protect the fuel farm, which has absolutely no coverage through the county at all. The CCAC has polled other airports over the last couple of months to get comparisons of insurance for their demands and comparing them with Carroll County's, officials said.

It is true that the amount of general liability the county carries on the airport, $750,000, does not cover the requirements of our airport, but attorneys claim tort immunity would prevail in the long run if a serious incident would occur, Teigen explained.

"We are trying to be proactive and not reactive with the expansion of the airport," he said. "We currently have aircraft valued in excess of $1 million flying in and out of Carroll County on a regular basis. This is a worry we did not have a few short years ago."

Secondly, the airport property and buildings are, in fact, covered under the package coverage the county carries. "All of our buildings are fully covered," Teigen said. "Technically, we are currently 'fully' insured but with limits" that are worrisome for airport officials, for the reasons listed above. The article incorrectly stated that the airport carries only liability coverage.

Lastly, the article should have said that the overall fly-in raised the $9,000 for Wounded Warriors, not the Carroll County Airport alone. The fly-in, in all, took place at five different airports in Arkansas and Missouri.

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