Summer round ball

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
3rd grade award recipients. Back row from left: Simone Feltmann, Kenton Cole, Kade Davidson. Front row from left: Emma Hall, Nate Allen, Jayden Newberry, Barrit Phillips.

BERRYVILLE -- Didn't school basketball season end about two months ago? Then what's with all those kids dribbling, shooting, and passing basketballs all around the floor of the Bobcat Arena this week?

"It's the annual Champions Basketball Camp," explained Berryville head boys basketball coach Brent Compton. The Champions camp is Berryville's camp for third through seventh grade boys and girls. "I'd like to think my [effort was spent] encouraging them to stay in the Bobcat basketball program," Compton added. "I'm excited about the future of our program," he said after seeing the talent on display at the camp.

More than eighty-five children were instructed in everything from the basics, for younger children, to the advanced, for the older kids. For four half-days the arena was a beehive of activity, culminating in Thursday's awards ceremony. Each age group had several "tops" in different categories, with each having an outstanding camper .

4th grade award recipients. Back row from left: J.D. Smith, Taylor Rushing, Karlea Standlee, Lauren Compton. Front row from left: Landon Chester, Abby Thurman, Laura Hill.

Outstanding campers in each grade were: 3rd -- Jaiden Newberry and Barrit Phillips; 4th -- Abby Thurman and Landon Chester; 5th -- Kelsey Smith and Kelton Davidson; 6th -- Kelsey Hopper and Wyatt Poe; 7th -- Rachel Evans and Devon Smith.

5th grade recipients. From left: Lexie Anderson, Kelton Davidson, Kelsey Smith, Trenton Hutchison.
6th grade award recipients. Back row from left: Ashley Farrar, Zac Webb, Devon Smith, Kelsey Hopper. Front row from left: Emma Culling, Hunter DePew, Dean Lea.
7th grade award recipients. Back row from left: Devon Smith, Keeton Lofgren, Aspen Smith. Front row from left: Ty Allen, Rachel Evans, Jaiden Hutchison.
Campers, coaches and Bobcat assistants took time out for a Champions Basketball Camp group photo on Thursday, the last day of camp. The 85 young people worked on age-appropriate skill for four days last week. The high attendance bodes well for the future of the Berryville Bobcat basketball program.
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