Letter to the Editor

Has solution for bad pet flea outbreaks

Monday, May 14, 2012

With the warm temperatures of last winter 2011 comes an unpleasant side effect, the insects did not get a good freeze to stifle their reproduction rates. The populations of fleas have really prospered, much to the dismay of pets and their owners. Even some vets are honest enough to say that this year the (name-brand) flea-repelling pet products were not working. So what can you do?...

One of my pets is allergic to flea bites, and he was suffering greatly, so I had to research different vets and found the answers varied greatly. Some offices saying they didn't know much about the myriad of products on the market and only offered general knowledge of the products they sell. But a true and dedicated professional office will be in touch with other products, and selflessly share them. ... Most of the products available through the vets are very pricey.

In this economy, I must shop very selectively so as not to waste money on products that do not work. Remember I am not getting paid to write this, nor receive kickbacks to give products an endorsing. This is just good advice that needs to be shared -- what I have learned for your pet's sake. The problem with (name-brand) types of Top Spot chemical applications is that the flea must bite the dog for it to be killed. If you have hundreds or more fleas, you must kill off this infestation in their home environment with sprays and foggers. If you are already using Frontline, or other similar products, this will not be enough.

I spoke with many friends about the general problem, and I finally found another person who had agreed with the severity of the problem and he said they used flea powders in addition to their chemical applications.

I found a very good product that is incredibly inexpensive and hope this information can be shared. It is "Hi Yield"(brand) Garden and Pet Dust. The ingredients did not clash with Frontline products so you can use both. I called a vet to verify the safety of this on my animal. There are two places I know of to find it locally, Busch Hardware on Highway 62 West, and Berryville Co-op (Farm Supplies). You can ask other distributors of Hi Yield products to see if you can get it through them. Since we must keep this short, please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions at: bkerbox@gmail.com.

-- Barb Kerbox