Letter to the Editor

Do you want Chinese fluoride in your local drinking water?

Monday, May 14, 2012

If you don't like being mandated to take Obama Care how do you feel about being mandated to take Fluoride Care? The Arkansas Legislature, without any public notice, without asking voters for their input, very, very, quietly passed a law that would mandate that 34 water districts put fluoride in their drinking water.

Do you know where this fluoride orginates? China. China makes it so cheaply that no one else can compete. Do you know why it is so cheap. The EPA website lists fluoride as a by product of the Phosphate Fertilizer industry in China and the Aluminum Industry in China. They also list all of the minerals that are in fluoride. Instead of thinking 'fluoride' in my drinking water, try thinking 'mercury, aluminum and lead' in my drinking water.

Do you know another reason that Chinese Fluoride is so cheap? They don't have the consumer protection laws that we have in this country. Do you really want to rely on China to protect your health and the health of your children and grandchildren? ...

What does it say on a box of fluoride toothpaste? 'Do not swallow.' Why? What does the mother of a newborn get told? 'Do not make your infants formula with water with fluoride in it?' Why?

Water boards that have sent off requests to fluoride suppliers for a list of the contents of their fluoride never get answers. Why?

Do we need fluoride to protect our teeth? Absolutely not! Brushing your teeth once a day with a fluoride toothpaste gives you all the protection that you need. Fluoride is routinely added to many foods and beverages today. A child that eats a school lunch and drinks a Coke gets all the fluoride that it needs.

Does fluoride have harmful side effects? Yes. Fluoride has been linked to hypothyroidism and harmful side effects in pregnant women, the elderly and those in poor health!

What will it cost? County water boards are going to have to make expesive renovations to their facilities; estimates start at a million dollars.

How much of this fluoride water is actually drunk by humans each day? In some water districts it is estimated that less than 1% of the water is drank by humans. Where does the other 99% go? Well the chickens on the poultry farms are not going to get cavities, the shower heads are not going to get cavities and the toilet bowls are not going to get cavities. Do you want your local water board to spend a million dollars or more to protect chickens from cavities?

I do not vote for political parties, I vote for individuals and principles. I was at a Republican Forum on Monday night when (state Rep.) Bryan King talked about lobbyists offering politicians campaign contributions in return for their votes and then he said that he had voted against mandating flouride in the drinking water every time it came up. I don't know Bryan King from Adam, but I think that if you don't suppport politicians with principles then you get the other kind and you deserve it.

-- Garret Thorne

Eureka Springs