Soccer shootout

Friday, May 4, 2012
This attack on the Eureka Springs goal by Rolyn Perez (19) and Kevin Guerrero (17) sailed wide, but seven others hit the mark against the Highlanders. Kyla Boardman (14) and Nathan Wilkerson (9) help ES defend. Photo by David Bell

EUREKA SPRINGS--This time Goliath won. And while it may not have been exactly like the David and Goliath senerio, it was still akin to David verses Goliath's oldest son as 2A Eureka Springs fell to 3A Green Forest on the Leatherwood soccer field. The Monday game was the last conference for match for Eureka Springs. Green Forest will have meet Berryville Thursday, after this edition went to press, at Bobcat Stadium (go to for scores.)

The Highlanders had several shots on goal -- some were close -- but none hit the mark in the 7--0 game. "The boys played like Energizer Bunnies," says Lady Highlander Kyla Boardman. She played the first half of the boys game for the short-staffed Highlanders.

Ever philosophical about his Highlander's play assistant coach Ben Rodda talked to his team after the game. "We got a couple of no-calls that could have gone our way," he said. "(But we) never play the game to the ref... always to your own ability."

Alex Halper (19) makes a header while Jose Herrera (12) of GF tries to keep the advantage going the Tigers way in play last Monday at the Lake Leatherwood soccer field. Photo by David Bell/CCN

"The score doesn't tell the story of the game," Rodda said. "We're a 2A school playing in a 4A conference. They step up and play hard in even in a game they're going to lose."

Head coach Mike Smith was equally philosophical. "(We're going to) keep at it. We've got some great sparks coming up (next year), he said. "We've played well against bigger teams," he said about the current season."

The girls' game

Jesse Bush (23) and Keegan Wilbur (17) mix it up with Tiger Eric Perez in the last conference game for ES. Photo by David Bell/CCN

At the end of regular play the score was a tie, 1--1. The match came down to a tie breaker using penalty kicks.

Five players on each team took their turn at a pk on the goal, with only the goalkeeper between the kicker and the goal.

Three of five kicks went in for Eureka Springs and none for Green Forest. "Since the game was tied at the end, the final score of the match is 3--0," said Lady Tiger coach Ryan Whetham. "The points scored in the game aren't figured into the final score."

At half time coach Ben Rodda give "the speech" to his Highlanders. Photo by David Bell/CCN

"We've not had the season we expected," Whetham continues. "We haven't been able to score like we have in the past."

But Whetham, too, is philosophical. "We've played good defense but you still have to put some through the goal to win," he says. "We've played a lot of young (inexperienced) girls -- but they are very athletic." Needless to say, Whetham is optimistic about his team's prospects next year.

Kyla Boardman's game face while she played a half on the boys' team. Photo by David Bell/CCN
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