Berryville's EAST students are feeding the BEAST

Friday, May 4, 2012

BERRYVILLE -- The Berryville East Program has collaborated with the Arkansas Rice Depot to feed students in need.

The Arkansas Rice Depot is a nonprofit organization that focuses on eliminating hunger in the lives of kids, families, and senior citizens.

Due to the economy, the Rice Depot's funding has been cut and they can no longer provide for all these families. To make up for the shortfall, the Berryville East lab has decided to help out by growing fruits and vegetables in the Berryville High School green house.

Not only do the students receive fresh fruits and vegetables but also canned foods and school supplies that are provided by the Rice Depot.

Once a month, the Rice Depot receives an order that is put in by the school nurse. In addition to this order, on either Thursday or Friday every week, Alan Saldivar and Alex Ledesma take a trip to Price Cutter and buy food for fifty percent off from the produce manager. These foods and supplies are then packed in bags by the school nurse to give to the students.

Those who are interested in having food to eat for the weekend would normally go to the school nurses office after school and ask for a food bag. Ms. Hulse would gladly hand the student a bag of food with no application required or proof of any type. This is done confidentially; therefore a student does not need to worry. With more students attending class and fewer students dropping out there is more hope for the future.

Students will then have an opportunity to have a better education and make a difference for someone else.

Help supplement the Arkansas Rice Depot and the Berryville East program, and remember, "If you give food to the hungry, and satisfy those who are in need, the darkness around you will turn to the brightness of noon." Isaiah 58:10

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