Area soccer teams fighting to win spot at state

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Goalkeeper Maria Beltran grabs a hot shot at the goal. Photo by David Bell

GREEN FOREST -- County high school soccer teams have their eye on making it to state. The goal they are all shooting for is to place fourth or higher in the conference -- which represents a trip to play in the state tournament.

Last Thursday the Gentry Pioneers traveled to Green Forest for a senior girls game followed by a senior boys game.

GF Girls vs. Gentry.

Goalkeeper Maria Beltran grabs a hot shot at the goal. Photo by David Bell/CCN

In spite of a good first half the score after 40 minutes of play was 1--0. "I was happy with the first half," coach Ryan Whetham said. "But we need to learn to put two halves together." He was referring to a second half where Gentry scored two quick goals and the wind went out of the sails of the Lady Tigers.

"In our conference a two-goal lead is hard to overcome," Whetham said. But he feels hopeful about his girls making it to state.

GF Boys vs. Gentry

Magali Rivera takes on a Gentry Lady Pioneer. Photo by David Bell/CCN

To say the Tigers had an easy time in beating Gentry 5--2 might make it sound somewhat braggadocios, but the game's outcome was never in doubt. "Our team is playing good--we playing more as a team," said Tiger coach Juan Zuazua. "Royln Perez is playing very well... I don't like it when our defense kicks it out (of bounds)," Zuazua interrupts himself. "I like it when they keep it in play--that means they're playing aggressively and with confidence." Zuazua "the Italians say that offense wins games, but defense wins championships," Zuazua said with a smile.

Perez scored three goals, Eric Perez scored two. Zuazua said Kevin Guerrero played very well, also.

BERRYVILLE -- The Berryville boys and girls soccer teams were busy with non-conference play last Friday as 6A opponent Mountain Home traveled to Bobcat Stadium.

Betzy Boche dribbles past a Mounain Home defender. Photo by David Bell/CCN

BV Girls vs. Mountain Home.

The Lady Bobcats lost their match against their larger opponent 6--1. But that does not bother coach Doug Scheel. "Mountain Home is a pretty skilled team -- the best team we've played all year," he said after the match ended. "We're undefeated in conference play and we have two tough ones left. We have a chance against Gentry and Shiloh."

Just as with other Carroll County soccer teams, Scheel's goal for his girls is to make it to the state tournament. Scheel feels that playing larger, better teams helps his team when they play in the conference. It appears they have a good chance not only to make it to state but to also have good seeding.

Selvin Reyes scored the Bobcats' winning goal on a later drive. Photo by David Bell/CCN

BV boys vs. Mountain Home.

The Bobcat soccer team also appears to be in good shape to make it to the state tournament. They have beaten several larger schools and have a strong, well-balanced team.

The Bobcats ably defended their home field even though the final score was only 1--0. At half time the score was double zeros. "We were a little off in the first half, having a hard time getting the ball through to our forwards," coach Don Earnest said. "(We) played well defensively to keep us in and made a few adjustments at halftime and it worked out. The second half we played extremely hard and challenged everything they did."

Earnest said Bobcat pressure wore the Bombers down and that they were able to take advantage of the situation. "Selvin Reyes was able to get a loose ball and hit a rocket shot into the corner for what proved to be the winning goal," Earnest says.

Earnest said "Defensively we play a solid match. Our Goalkeeper did an excellent job as well."

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