GF and BV compete in 3A, 4A Junior high district track meets

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Tyleana Lee placed second in the 100 m hurdles, making a significant contribution to the Lady Tiger's win at the 3A, 1W Jr. District Tract Meet. Photo by David Bell/CCN

GREEN FOREST -- Though the competition was on the junior high level it was none-the-less fierce at the Junior High 3A-1W District Track Meet. While the Green Forest boys were fighting as hard as any of the other six teams competing, it was the Lady Tigers who were running away from the other schools with stellar individual event performances.

Green Forest girls bagged 233.5 points to claim first place. The second place West Fork earned a mere 99 points. In fact the total of second and third would not equal the total for Green Forest. The Green Forest boys placed fourth with 73 points.

Following protocol for track reporting, here are the boys individual results: 400 m- 5/ Dalton Anglin 1:00.88; 800 m - 1/Enrique Ramos, 2:22.56; 1600 m- 2/E. Ramos, 5:23.23, 6/Gabriel Ramos, 5:43.46; 110 hurdles- 1/Landon Lee, 19.01, 5/Corey Bryant, 21.00; 300 hurdles- 3/Lee, 50.73; 4x100 relay- 4/Roberts, Harp, Robinson, Anglin, 55.97; 4x400 relay- 4/Williamson, Harp, Robinson, Anglin, 4:35.66; 4x800 relay- 4/Ramos, Delozier, Calderon, Ramos,10:53.74; pole vault- 2/Trace Delozier, 9.0; triple jump- 6/Lee, 34.05.

Green Forest athlete Landon Lee won the 110 m hurdles at the 3A, 1W Jr. District Tract Meet. Photo by David Bell/CCN

Girls individual results: 100 m- 2/Tayleana Lee, 14.07, 5/Tessa Badley, 14.87, 6/Francela Villanueva, 14.93, 7/Jennifer Newberry; 200 m- 2/Lee, 29.11, 5/Emily Glassell, 30.84; 400 m- 5/Harleigh Andrews, 1:11.98, 6/Meighan Smothers, 1:12.90; 800 m- 2/Maglai Rivera, 2:49.96, 4/ Audrey Dickinson, 2:54.44, 5/Savannah Snow, 2:55.99; 1600 m- 7/Snow, 6:55.53; 100 hurdles- 1/Lee, 16.79, 3/Glassell, 18.25, 5/Peyton Watson, 19.30; 300 hurdles- 1/Lee, 51.35, 4/Glassell, 56.57, 7/Watson, 57.57; 4x100 relay- 1/Andrews, Badley, Glassell, Rivera, 56.57; 4x400 relay- 2/Andrews, Badley, Newberry, Rivera, 5:04.80; 4x800 relay- 1/Dickinson, Owens, Rivera, Snow, 12:10.52; high jump- 1/Glassell, 4-6, 6/Villanueva, 4-4, 7/Watson, 4-4; pole vault- 1/Kenley Williams, 7-6, 5/Kenna Harp, 5-0, 6/Kayla Hudson, 5-0; long jump- 1/Lee, 15-1, 5/Villanueva, 13-9, 6/Watson, 13-2.75; triple jump- 1/Watson, 30-7, 3/Glassell, 29-4, 4/Newberry, 29-1.75, 6/Villanueva, 28-9.75; shot- 1/Kelby Harness, 34-2, 2/Andrews, 33-10.25; 1/Harness, 56-0.5, 2/Andrews, 68-5.

GRAVETTE -- The Berryville boys and girls track teams both finished fourth in the 4-A, Region 1 District Track Meet held last Thursday at Gravette. The boys finished with 101 points and the girls with 99.

Deonte Payton had a good meet with six second or third place finishes. Hannah Noble had an excellent meet with four first place finishes, sweeping the dashes. She placed first in all four events she entered.

Boys individual results: 100 m- 3/Deonte Payton, 11.60;200 m- 2/Payton, 24.51; 400 m- 3/Payton, 56.61; 800 m- 1/Oliver Perez, 2:16.31; 1600 m- 1/Perez, 5:00.68; 110 hurdles- 3/Dillon Hughes, 18.27; 300 hurdles- 2/Hughes, 46.94; 4x100 relay- 7/Brummett, Stone, Gomez, Hill, 52.68; 4x200 relay- 2/Hughes, King, Perez, Payton, 4:00.08; 4x800 relay- Gomez, Webb, Smith, Wood, 10:07.35; high jump- 7/Tate Ferguson, 4-10; long jump- 3/Payton, 17-6; triple jump- 2/Payton; shot- 3/Brian King, 39-5.5, 5/Dillon Gardner, 37-5; discus- 2/Ferguson, 119-3.

Girls individual results: 100 m- 1/Hannah Noble, 12.81; 200 m- 1/Noble, 27.50; 400 m- 1/Noble, 1:03.77, 4/Juanita Vilatoro, 1:07.16, 6/Aleksie Smith, 1:09.00; 800 m- 4/Bailey Donahoe, 2:48.08, 7/Misty Rhymer, 2:54.06; 1600 m- 5/Ally Depew, 6:25.05, 4x100 relay- 4/Gonzalez, Harp, McCullough, Smith; 4x400 relay- 1/Vilatoro, Depew, Smith, Smith, 4:42.08; 4x800 relay- 1/Rhymer, Ashford, Depew, Smith, 11:40.52; high jump- 1/Noble, 5-0; triple jump- 4/Smith, 30-9; shot- 2/Emily McCullough, 30-5.

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