Spring brings busy work season for BV city crews; area improvements begin

Saturday, April 21, 2012

BERRYVILLE -- It was a mild winter, but it is a busy Spring for the City of Berryville. City workers have been hard at work making repairs and improvements, taking advantage of the good weather.

The city's plan to put up a decorative wall to separate the cemetery from the elementary school began last year, with the erection of the wall, but now the city is adding the decorative elements to it.

"The work on the wall is coming along well and should add even more to what is already a very beautiful cemetery," said administrative assistant Jay Lee.

Saunders Museum opened for the season on Monday, but visitors could see some work still going on there.

Lee noted that the museum, which was given to the city by the estate of Charles Saunders in 1955, has new indoor lighting, and he said that the new roof, added last year, has held up well, with no leaks so far.

In addition, tinting is being added to the east-facing windows of the museum to protect the antiques from sun bleaching and damage.

In anticipation of this summer's paving program, the city has completed new curb and gutter work on Laura, Carter, Jessica and Clive streets.

The list of roads to be repaved this summer got an addition recently when a broken water line on Douglas Street led to the discovery of a sewer line that needed to be replaced as well. The extensive work done to the road has put Douglas on the list of roads to be repaved this summer, Lee explained.

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