New high school road eyed

Saturday, April 14, 2012

EUREKA SPRINGS -- The Eureka Springs School District is looking at how the new high school on Lake Lucerne Road will affect after-school traffic patterns, said Superintendent Curtis Turner Wednesday.

Turner said he, along with Eureka Springs Mayor Morris Pate, Police Chief Earl Hyatt and four members of the school board, met Tuesday to brainstorm about possibilities for easing after-school congestion next year when students will begin using the new facility.

"We looked at the possibility of cutting the corner at Lake Lucerne and Greenwood Hollow roads so that buses can make that turn by the middle school," Turner said.

Another possibility is to widen Lake Lucerne Road by a couple feet and surface it down to the second entrance of the high school, he added. The widening would occur on the school side of the street and would not involve right-of-way issues.

Scheduling of buses leaving the campus would be designed to cut down on congestion also.

"We've timed it," said Turner. "Buses would be brought down to the high school and loaded, and then brought back up to Greenwood Hollow Road. Once buses are loaded at the high school, the elementary and middle school traffic will already be cleared out, and the roads should be fairly clear."

He said no bus traffic, other than the one existing route for that area, would be sent down Lake Lucerne Road to Hwy. 23 South.

"I think the solution will be fairly simple," he added.

The next step is for an engineer from the city to look at the layout, give input and maybe develop a plan for the city and school board to review, Turner said.

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