Letter to the Editor

A flat tire experience that ended well

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On Monday, March 25, I went to Ozark Stone Co. (formerly Johnson Landscaping) to pick up a load of hardwood mulch. After they loaded my trailer with one and a half cubic yards, I started to leave but noticed that the trailer was pulling to one side.

I stopped in the parking lot to check my tires and, sure enough, one of the trailer's tires was flat. I got on my cell phone and called a friend to bring me a floor jack and a socket set. I do carry a spare tire, but my truck jack wouldn't fit under my trailer.

I had no sooner gotten off my cell phone when the gentleman who had jut loaded my trailer pulled up in his dumptruck. He got out of his truck and looked at the trailer tire and said, "You'rre luck. At least the tire didn't roll off the rim. Let's try to air it back up."

He dug through his toolbox and found an airhose which he hooked up to his truck and began filling the tire. The employee who had sold me the mulch pulled up with a Bobcat loader that had forks on its bucket. He offered to lift the trailer to change the tire if necessary.

Luckily enough, the tire held air and I was able to call my friend and cancel my roadside service help.

I just want to tkank these two men for their help. I can't remember their names but they know who I'm talking about. They went out of their way to help me with my problem.

Thanks again, Ozark Stone!

Michael W. Maynard