JH Tigers take to new track for first home meet

Friday, March 9, 2012
Green Forest's Francela Villanueva soars through the air on one of her long jump attmepts on Tuesday afternoon.

By Tyler Thompson

CCN Sports Editor

GREEN FOREST -- The Green Forest Tigers competed in the Junior High Tyson Invitational on Tuesday afternoon.

The meet marked the first meet on the new track.

"That was just awesome," head coach Trista Killingsworth said. "To be able to have the meet at our nice facility, it was great."

The junior high team narrowly missed the district title a year ago, as Elkins took the crown, beating the Tigers by only three points.

"The help that we got from everyone was awesome," Killingsworth said. "People have no idea how much time and effort it takes to host a meet. The members of the community really take pride in the facility. Their support has been great."

One factor that separates this year's team from the 2011 team is age.

"We're just a really young team," Killingsworth said. "We have to learn to compete and not just rely on our conditioning."

She said her goal once again is to take districts.

"That's your goal each and every year," Killingsworth added. "We'll get there. It'll be a little bit harder since we are so young, but we'll make it."

She added that lack of experience will not dictate their performance.

Boys Team Scores: Berryville, 5th place -- 60 points. Green Forest, 58 -- 6th place.

Girls Team Scores: Green Forest, 165 -- 1st place; Berryville, 92 points -- 2nd place.

Girls 100-m dash: Tayleana Lee, GF -- 14.26; Tessa Badley, GF -- 14.92; Kayla Gonzalez, BV -- 15.77; Callie Harp, BV -- 15.82.

Boys 100-m dash: Deonte Payton, BV -- 12.94; Dillon Hughes, BV -- 13.70; Carl Roberts, GF -- 14.35; Dalton Anglin, GF -- 14.23.

Girls 200-m dash: Morgan Pondo, BV -- 31.89; Tayleana Lee, GF -- 30.02; Hannah Noble, BV -- 30.07; Tessa Badley, GF -- 31.41.

Boys 200-m dash: Deonte Payton, BV -- 26.59; Rhett Hill, BV -- 28.29; Carl Roberts, GF -- 29.33; Nathaniel Harp, GF -- 30.86.

Girls 400-m dash: Juanita Vilatoro, BV -- 1:11.14; Ashford Allie, BV -- 1:16.49; Harleigh Andrews, GF -- 1:14.91; Magali Rivera, GF -- 1:15.22.

Boys 400-m dash: Deonte Payton, BV -- 59.92; Rhett Hill, BV -- 1:04.62; Tony Robinson, GF -- 1:12.96; Dalton Anglin, GF -- 1:05.55.

Girls 800-m run: Savannah Snow, GF -- 3:02.04; Aleksei Smith, BV -- no time (NT); Elizabeth Hale, BV -- NT.

Boys 800-m run: Johnathan Wood, BV -- 2:34.08; Trace Delozier, GF -- 2:44.33.

Girls 1600-m run: Misty Rhymer, BV -- 6:21.98.

Boys 1600-m run: Andrew Galacia, BV -- 6:16.91.

For more information, visit http://www.directathletics.com/results/track/23842.html.

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