Sheriff details last year for quorum court

Thursday, February 9, 2012

BERRYVILLE -- Carroll County Sheriff Bob Grudek addressed the quorum court the first of the year to present his annual report.

At the detention center, he said there were 30 full-time employees and one part-time nurse to handle the 1,654 prisoners who were booked in during the previous year. The majority, 1,238, were male detainees, females accounted for 396, and there were 20 juveniles who were processed through before going on to a juvenile facility or to their home.

Prisoners at the jail were served more than 81,000 meals during the 12-month period at an average cost of 73 cents each.

The revenue generated by housing prisoners for other counties totaled more than $300,000 -- representing the most in any one year.

"We do not expect this revenue for the next two years," Grudek said, "because ADC (Arkansas Department of Correction) has temporarily fixed the overpopulation problem."

The new 12-hour shift schedule was working well, he said, the vegetable gardens were very successful, and the commissary account had a $60,000 balance, money that is earmarked for prisoner medical expense.

At the sheriff's office, he said, there is one part-time evidence control officer and 22 full-time employees.

Those include: 11 patrol deputies, three clerical staffers, two bailiffs, four investigators, plus himself and a captain.

The bailiffs, he said, are out in the community serving warrants two days a week and they will soon be implementing saturation patrols to slow down speeders in targeted areas.

Year-end figures on use of force show there were four pepper spray incidents, two taser occasions, one physical altercation, and 10 instances when a subject was physically restrained.

He said the sheriff's office was under budget by $61,000 for the year, but an additional $48,000 had to be appropriated for fuel.

A total of 1,090 warrants were served in the county, 60 percent by CCSO personnel.

The most frequent traffic citations issued by the CCSO and Arkansas State Police included those for: speeding, no seat belt, no proof of insurance, driving on a suspended or revoked driver's license, DUI/DWI, and driving without a valid vehicle license.

Grudek said the K-9 program and its drug dog awareness classes at schools has been successful and he hopes the demonstrations will discourage children from getting involved with drugs. The drug dogs assisted with 15 arrests, 16 searches, four tracks and 15 drug awareness classes that impacted nearly 1,500 students.

Also successful, he noted, was the use of the prescription drug drop box that is permanently placed at the sheriff's office entrance. He said people continue to use it to get rid of unwanted and outdated prescription drugs.

"I never thought it would be as successful as it is," he commented. "I empty it every three weeks."

Those drugs are delivered to the hospital where they are routed to a proper disposal facility.

At the Central Dispatch Office, Grudek said there are 11 employees to man the center around the clock 24/7.

Nearly 20,000 calls, or 85 percent, represent police related calls that were handled by county deputies and city officers in Berryville, Green Forest and Alpena. There were 480 fire calls and 546 medical calls. He said the highest call volume is between 7 a.m. and midnight.

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