Green Forest pays off stadium

Sunday, December 25, 2011

GREEN FOREST -- School board members agreed to pay the balance owing on construction of the stadium at Monday's meeting.

According to Andrea Martin, acting superintendent for Green Forest, there was a breakdown in communication late in the project.

"The job was speced for a certain color," said Martin. "The architect submitted a submittal to actually change that (color) and requested them to match to color and form. What was speced was delivered."

Martin said that time was critical in order to complete the project and an agreement was made to install the panels and revisit the matter after the project was completed.

"One panel is just a little bit darker of a gray," she said. "We actually saved money by staying with the ones that we have. We all agreed that we want to complete the project and pay the money."

The district decided to bring the matter to a close and pay the remaining balance of $21,244, which according to Martin, would be paid by the end of the year.

Monday marked the second time in the last week that board members met with the representatives from Crossland Construction and Seamless Systems.

"The panels at the stadium don't totally match with the ones at the middle school," Martin said. "Right now we just want to settle this and move on. There is a slight difference. We have a beautiful new facility and I would hate for it to be tarnished over something like a payment issue. Mr. Calaway was in discussions with them on this matter," Martin added. "It's unfortunate that he isn't here to carry on the conversation."

Calaway was suspended with pay until Jan. 2, 2012.

"I feel better now that we know all the facts," board member John Bailey said. "Now we know that we got what we paid for."

In other business, two teachers were recognized by the board for their national credentials.

Dawn Anderson and Sherri Glassell are now both nationally board certified teachers.

"This is a huge accomplishment for these women," Martin said. "They have officially met the master teacher criterion. They can now teach in any state."

In other business: 

* Vanessa Etchison and Josiah Mullins were named students of the month. The students are selected by the teachers.

*The EAST students raised $1,618.01 for "Pennies for Patriots," which was used to pay for a new flagpole.

*The board reported that grades will be submitted on Jan. 3 and report cards will be distributed Jan. 6.

*The board recognized the resignation of bus driver Joe Harris and the hiring of driver David Childers, effective Jan. 3.

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