Bobcats' 2011 season comes to close with loss to Blackhawks

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Bobcats wrapped up a winless 2011 season on Friday when they were defeated 32-10 by the Blackhawks.

It has been a season filled with injuries, lopsided defeats and missed opportunities.

A phone call to head coach Eric Daniel on Sunday was never returned, therefore, there are no official game statistics. A second call was made Monday morning, but Daniel said that he was on the road and wouldn't return for a few days.

The lone bright side to the winless season is that there are numerous ninth graders who will be expected to step in and help the team get in the win column.

These players include Dillon Hughes, Emilio Duarte, Deonte Payton, Richard Webb, and Kraig Kendrick.

"We're really excited about these kids," assistant coach Don Earnest said.

The Bobcats never really got going this season as they continuously played from behind and were unable to capitalize on the opportunities that came their way.

The Bobcats averaged 8.1 points per game this season.

They allowed 37.3 points per game to be scored against them.

Last year the team lost 13 seniors, six on offense and eight on defense.

This year they will lose six seniors. The 11 juniors will be expected to fill the void.

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