Holiday Island ladies tee it up for two rounds

Friday, September 30, 2011

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- The Holiday Island Ladies' Golf Association tee'd it up in another round of action on Sept. 21 in a "Whack and Hack" round of nine and 18-hole golf.

The nine-hole winners were:

lst place -- Ginny Jankowski, Joan Ford, and Glenna Cates

2nd place -- Joyce Grabher, Phyllis Williams, Vivian Kahle

Low Putts of the day- Pat Warsop

Winners of the 18-hole group were:

lst place- Gail Barnard, Bonnie Mapes, Helen Petteway, Jean Bunting.

2nd place -- Barb Kuhn, Mary Lou Smith, Audrey Bott, Myrna Peterson.

3rd place -- Judy Gambill, Nola Banister, Patty Edwards, Loretta Metzger.

Low Putts -- Sarah Wachner, Nola Banister

Chip-ins -- Bonnie Mapes and Gail Barnard.

Birdies- Bonnie Mapes.

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